In 2019 we opened our doors to 'North Devon Bridal Outlet' in Woolacombe and started our journey. It was a little shop with a big heart and stunning views!

After listening to our brides, we decided to expand our range into Made to Order for our new shop location in Braunton. It was strange timing; Covid-19 came & lockdown commenced at the same time we had the keys to our new shop. Not to be defeated though, we continued with our plans through these challenging time & selected our dresses by some of the best and most sought after Australian Designers.

We have had years of experience in Bridal prior to the opening of North Devon Bridal Outlet, and understand what a journey it can be trying to find the right dress. That's why we certainly do not endorse sales tactics or pushy decisions...We just want our bride to fall in love with their dress, and if it's not 'The One' then hopefully we have left them with a wonderful experience. 




















Our aim is to offer brides ways to incorporate sustainable options... we wanted to make a more conscious effort to lower our carbon footprint. We don't claim to be perfect, there are things we can always improve upon and we are learning as we go along but hopefully some of our options can assist.  


We decided to take some steps that could help, including:

  • Trying our best to obtain pre-existing samples for our Made to Order dresses

  • Offering a re-sell consignment option on our Made To Order dresses & accessories to assist with 2nd hand usage

  • Keeping a large outlet department in store, which sells existing samples sourced nationally & internationally and are available off the peg

  • Making an effort to endorse sustainable products to our brides
















The most sustainable options for brides is to source wedding dresses that use natural & recycled materials. Unfortunately our attempts to achieve this as a stockist proved very challenging; the majority of these dresses are by Individual Designers rather than dresses for stockist Bridal Shops, but we urge brides to look up these Designers as they create some beautiful dresses that are 100% eco-friendly.


Another great way to be more sustainable is to purchase pre-existing dresses (samples or 2nd hand)- This is a wonderful way to make use of dresses already out there; many of which are in beautiful condition and just require a 2nd home. This is what we do- we aim to make use of existing stock as best as we can and offer brides the means to purchase these dresses in store.  

Offering Made To Order will inevitably create a carbon footprint, and this is the reason we offer a 're-sell' option to our brides- If we can help to achieve at least 2 uses per dress then that really does make a difference. Of course, some brides want to keep their dress forever and we absolute love that! But, for the brides who want to sell off their dress but finding it challenging to do so, we hope we can help them with this.