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Frequently asked questions


What is a browsing appointment?

Browsing appointments are a short 'non-try' slot where brides have the wonderful opportunity to explore our collections and have a consultant on hand to ask away until their heart is content! The bride may bring 1 special guest with them. Browsing slots are perfect for:

  • Engaged brides who are not ready to commit to a dress, but would like an idea of styles and prices we offer
  • Nervous brides we can meet and help them feel at ease
  • Brides who are interested in booking an appointment in the future, but would like some advice and guidance on prices, styles, ordering, expectations, sizes and anything more.

What to bring with you to your appointment?

Only yourself and guest(s)! However, if you would like a better vision when trying dresses on, we recommend the following:

  • Seamsless Nude Underwear
  • Hairband (incase you wish to put your hair up)
  • No Shoes Please- These are a tripping hazard, but don't worry as we provide a box to stand on for better effect.

Why am I not allowed to bring my children to the appointment?

Mainly to safeguard yourself from very expensive accidental damage. Please be aware that all of our dresses are extremely high value along with our furnishings. Due to previous unfortunate incidents, we have had to incorporate this into our booking policy. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but this truly is for your protection and ours. Children over the age of 8 maybe eligible to attend if you feel they can sit unsupervised for the appointment slot.

When should I book an appointment?

Please only book when you are ready to find your dream dress. We recommend ideally 8-12 months prior to your wedding. This gives you plenty of time to find the dress, at the right time for styles you love and leaves an appropriate amount of time left for your alterations. There are many reasons why it is not adviseable to book too soon or to 'get an idea':

  • If you order your dress far too in advance, your taste/style may change and this may cause a bride upset and regrets
  • You will achieve an idea of what you like/what suits you when you are actively looking for your dream dress - you do not need to do it sooner and you will likely change your mind once the time comes in your search. Take advantage of our 'Browsing Slots' for guidance, advice and styles in preparation for the lead up to your shopping.
  • Your guests may get bored if they are continually taken to many shops over a long period of time causing the excitement to dwindle. They want to 'say yes to the dress' as much as you do.
  • You will lose that special feeling - it's much more special when you have dedicated a few weeks of appointments in search of 'the one'. Attending shops endlessly and trying on hundreds of dresses way before you are ready, you will lose the spark of the experience.
  • The majority of bridal shops allow brides exclusive use of their shop/changing room for up to 2 hours, with a personal 1-1 paid staff dedicated to you alongside refreshments, so it is very different to regular shopping. Please take this into account and please only book bridal shop appointments when you are ready to look with hopes to commit to your dream dress.

What is the difference to the regular appointment and premium appointment?

The regular appointment will allow the bride use of our 2nd changing studio, which can accommodate up to 2 guests only. A premium slot can accommodate up to 4 guests in our larger changing area and guests will receive the extra treatment of a bottle of prosecco and a more extensive list of refreshments at the appointment. Both appointments have 1-1 personal consultants at the brides disposal. We offer 2 variations so that we may accommodate different types of brides and the experiences they wish to have.

Can I take pictures?

No, sorry girls. We offer an exclusive service that focuses on how women feel in dresses rather than comparing picture upon picture of images. We highly recommend that a bride focuses on how she 'feels' in the dress - does she feel special, does she feel comfortable, does she feel like this dress represents who she is? This process is much more meaningful and less likely to lead to regrets than buying a dress based on pictures... as they can be very deceiving and you will essentially lose any spark you have for wedding dresses, or the dress you have chosen, when you have 100's of pictures of you in them on your phone. Please bear in mind though, a bride is more than welcome to book a 2nd appointment to try-on any particular dress(es) that she loved during her 1st appointment with us.

Family Experience - 2nd Appointments for Bride and Children

As a mother myself, we completely understand why a bride may wish to bring her child(ren) to her appointments, as it becomes part of a memorable experience they can share together. We understand that especially young children will get bored and restless more quickly, as requesting them to sit still and not touch anything for 1:30-2hrs turns what should be an 'exciting' experience for a child into a mundane and potentially stressful one... it maybe a lot to ask of a child to do. It may also put them off going to any other appointments you have arranged, or 'blur' their experience of it once you have been to 2+ shops. It can also become worrysome for the guest you have asked to fully supervise them, as it is a responsibility for them to ensure nothing is damaged, and for the child(ren) not to run around, not to spill anything, not to hide in the dresses etc... Accidental damage can happen very easily in shops, and due to the high value of products and long time slot, it is a risky environment for it to happen in with expensive consequences. We believe to make it a more enjoyable experience overall, we now offer an exclusive 2nd Appointment specifically for brides to bring children. Here's what the breakdown is for your experience: 1) 1st Initial Appointment of 1:30hrs (or 2hrs if a premium VIP slot) with Adult Guests Only. Bride can relax, try-on a great variation, and have an experience they can focus on their feelings with each dress and discuss their anxieites, what they love/dislike on them, etc... Should a bride narrow it down to a few, or actually find the 'One', we will then arrange a 2nd Family Appointment for her. 2) 2nd Appointment of 30-45 minutes to bring children with an adult guest to supervise. A short and sweet slot where children can really soak in the experience and see mum in her 2-3 favourites (or the 'One'). This will create a beautiful and impactful memory for the children, something they will look back on and know "that's when mum found her dress" We feel this experience offers the best of both worlds. It gives the bride and her guests the longer time slot initially, to focus on what they love, what they dislike, not rushing, and just fully engage with the appointment. Using a 2nd appointment for the children, should ease any boredom, any blurred experiences, and create a more memorable experience whilst being included in the most important part of your bridal shopping - Saying YES and celebrating with your loved ones!!! xx

Wednesday Drop-In Days

From January 2022, we are so pleased to be open for 'drop-ins' every Wednesday from 11am - 2pm. This gives brides an opportunity to visit us alongside up to 2 adult guests without an appointment (please double check our website before attending in the event we have had to cancel the drop-in) We understand it can be super overwhelming for some brides (and daunting) and may feel more comfortable to just turn-up rather than book an appointment. Brides are welcome to try on dresses too. We are unable to state how long they can try-on, as a lot will depend if anyone else turns up the same day, however, should you not have long enough, the consultant will happily book you an official 1-1 appointment if it's required or requested.

Trunk Shows

What is a trunk show?

Most bridal shops only have a selection of dresses from each of their designers (we wish we could have ALL of them but that's a little optimistic). A trunk show is when a particular designer will lend a huge collection of their latest dresses for the bridal shop to borrow for a short period time (typically 1 weekend) before they get shipped back. This is perfect for brides who are fans of a particular designer, and would like to try-on a much larger range of their dresses. There is no pressure to buy - it is still treated as a regular appointment. Some designers also offer special dicsounts/incentives if an order is placed at a trunk show. You can easily pre-register for trunk shows by emailing us.

Which Designers offer trunk shows?

Currently we have the following you may register for:

  • Vera Wang Bride
  • Rosa Clara Mainline
  • Rosa Clara Boheme
  • Rosa Clara Gatsby

Can I request a certain dress to be in the trunk show?

Yes! We cannot guarantee it will be available, but we will certainly try on your behalf as it's a great opportunity for you to try it for free without having to use the 'Sample Loan Service' (which incurs fees)

Sample Loan Service

What is a 'Sample Loan Service'?

If a bride has her heart set on trying on a particular dress from one of our designers, but we do not have the sample in our shop, we can sometimes 'borrow' it specifically for the bride and for their appointment with us. Fees do apply to this service, but the great news is that if you end up buying a dress with us, we will deduct the initial loan fee you paid off the price of your dress! Typically the fee's are: 1 dress £45 extra dresses £15 each The fee's cover the admin and shipping costs for the Designer. All fee's need to be paid in advance, and we expect that on confirmation the designer has the sample you love, it normally only takes 1-2 weeks to come in for you.

Which Designers offer 'Sample Loan Service'

Currently, the following Designers offer this service. Please be aware though, that it does not guarantee they will have all dresses available (they tend to have loan samples that are best-sellers). To view their dresses, you can pop over to their websites to take a peek. Designers: Vera Wang Bride Rosa Clara Rosa Clara Boheme Rosa Clara Gatsby Rosa Clara Couture

Location & Facilities

Where is Evolved Bridal Studio?

We are based in Barnstaple, Devon. We have a very private location, within the town centre. You can find our entrance through the iron gates in-between 'Trinkets Antiques' and 'Fulham Restaurant' You will only be able to access the studio with a pre-arranged appointment, as our gate is kept locked at all times to ensure privacy.

Is there Disability Access?

Unfortunately not. Our studio is a 1st floor premise, with 2 flights of narrow stairs, so can be challenging for anyone with physical disabilities. If a guest has a wheelchair, we have nowhere to place it inside as the entrance opens immediately to the flight of steps, however you are welcome to leave it in the alley outside, but it is left at your own risk.

Do you offer toilet facilities?

Yes! We have a dedicated customers toilet available to bride and guests only.

What refreshments do you offer?

We can offer our bride and guests hot and cold refreshments on arrival. If you have booked, and paid for a premium slot, we will also supply you a lovely bottle of prosecco for you all to enjoy.

Can we bring our own alcohol and food into the studio?

Please do not bring any food into the studio. Own alcohol is also not permitted.

Is parking available?

Immediately across from the studio, is the 'Cattle Market' Car Park - It is a substantial car park owned by the local council, and payment can be made via the Ringo App, Card or Cash.

Is there anywhere local we can eat and drink before/after the appointment?

Oh there's plenty! As we are in the town centre, there is an array of restaurants, bistro's cafe's and pubs. Make a day of it and pop to our fabulous beaches of Saunton, Woolacombe and Croyde, all are 15-20 mins drive away.


Do you offer alterations?

Unfortunately we do not offer in-house alterations. As we specialise in bridal gowns only (we do not sell bridesmaid, groomsman, mother of the bride, prom, flower girls etc..) we do not have the turnaround that would benefit from an employed seamstress. We have also found that many of our brides travel from all over the South West (and much further), so it would not be suitable for 2-4 fittings to take place where we are located for the majority of our brides. We recommend researching your local area for an easily accessible seamstress, who has experience with bridalwear and can provide sample work, insurance cover and very good reviews from previous clients.

Will I need alterations?

Yes, around 95%+ of brides will require alterations unless they are the perfect height and measurement for the standard size. Typically, you would require a hem lift, nips and tucks, strap lifting and sometimes more.

How much are alterations

It truly varies so much... it depends on the seamstress and the make-up of the dress. On average, you may want to budget £100-£400

Why are alterations left until the last minute?

Most seamstresses will complete your alterations within 2-6 weeks before your wedding. This is mainly due to body shape changes, and ensuring it is the perfect fit as closer to the time as possible, as once the fabric starts to get cut down, there is little room to change it back. If you are having modifications made, these are also sometimes left to 2-6 weeks. If you are worried about having any of your modifications/customisations completed so close to the wedding, have a discussion with your seamstress to discuss the pro's and con's so you can make an informative decision on timeframes.

When should I book alterations?

We recommend you pre-book your seamstress as soon as possible. Although you won't have the alterations completed until months away, good seamstresses can get booked up. So, pop them an email as soon as you can to pre-register with their service so there are no last minute panics.


How long do orders take on dresses?

Most of our Designers have timescales of 4-5 months, however some do offer rush orders (fee's apply for this) and also, some designers have dresses in immediate stock.

When should I expect my dress?

You will be given the opportunity at your appointment (pending on the Designer) when you would like your dress to arrive. We recommend at least 2-3 months before your wedding as it gives you ample time for your chosen seamstress to complete your alterations

What size samples do you have to try-on?

All of our sample sizes are typically sizes 8-14. Unfortunately we do not offer a larger range at this time due to the size of our studio. Most of our dresses can be ordered in up to size 20.

What Prices are the dresses?

The majority of our dresses fall into the £1800 - £2300 range, though we do have some at £1600 and others over £2500. We advise that brides only book appointments with us if this falls within budget. There is nothing more disheartening than trying on a dress hugely over budget, and then nothing compares to it. The other option is keeping an eye on our clearance events, plus, we also have a permanent sale rail in the shop too.


"Follow your heart - Use the guidance of your true loves & natural style to guide you to your perfect dress.

What are your true loves?

Perhaps you love nature, explore some of the garden & botanical influenced gowns for inspiration.  

If you're the free-spirited soul who adores laces and unique designs, explore the variation of modern bohemian that will sure to bring your personality to the front.

Do you live for elegance and sophistication? Use a striking silhouette as your muse, and style to embrace the elements of subtle glam to highlight your style.

Or, are you a born fashionista? Where Vogue is your second name and you are fearless in your character? Try out editorial styles and be creative with your accessories, step out of traditional bridal accessories & play! 

What are you comfortable in day to day? What aspects of your body do you love to show the most?

Use the shape of the dress to express your unique style. If you love tank tops, racer styles, or athletic wear, explore styles that have elements of this comfort. 

Perhaps you love to accentuate your body? Pick your most favoured parts to show, and merge with the fabrics you are drawn to, such as the beauty of a delicate crepe with a low back, or a plunging neckline with bold and visual lace.   

By staying true to who you are, will create a naturally comfortable & sensational look and style - remember, your fiancé fell in love with YOU. Use the gown and accessories to embody the most striking version of who you are xx"