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I have seen a Dress - How does the Process work?

Congratulations on seeing a dress you love! If you wish to proceed to a booking, add the dress to your basket and submit the request at the Cart. Upon receiving your request, we will contact you within 3 days to confirm if the dress is suitable and if it is available for your dates. We will also advise on the full fee & deposit payable based upon the Price of the Dress along with a Package and Terms & Conditions. We will post out your dream dress for your 2 day try-on - If you love it that's great! We are there to offer you full support with your order. Not quite the one? No problem! You are under no obligation to place an order. After your try-on, simply return the dress to us with the pre-paid collection.

Can I book more than 1 dress?

Currently we are unable to offer more than 1 dress at a time.

Can I have the dress longer than 2 days?

Unfortunately we are unable to assist in longer periods due to other bookings and feasibility issues. Whilst the dress remains out of our shop, it prevents other potential clients from trying the gowns on.

Keeping the dress longer than the 2 day period

We will charge £80 on your card for every extra day the dress is late and the client will have to cover an additional £25 postal charge if they missed our pre-paid collection. If the dress is not returned to us by Day 5 we will charge 100% of the Dress RRP to the clients card without exceptions. If the client misses the collection ensure to contact us ASAP so we may rectify and rebook. *To prevent added charges we strongly advise that with the dates requested the client is available to take signed delivery and signed collection between 8am and 6pm on both days.

How do I receive and return the dress?

We book a date for the dress to be delivered to your address for the requested dates provided by the client. The service is fully tracked and will need to be signed for - Ensure the dates requested that you are free all day at home between 8am - 6pm to take delivery and collection. For returning the dress, please pack it back up in the boxes the dress was received in and selotape securely. You do not require a postage label, as the courier will arrive to collect and place their own label on the box. Collection will be between 8am - 6pm on the 2 day period (example Tuesday - Thursday). Should you prefer to drop the box off at a local postal service, please advise at the time of booking so we can pre-arrange that for you. Please be advised you would require a printer for this to print out a label we send you.

Changing the Dates after the Booking

We are more than happy to change the dates, pending on the availability of the dress, up to 5 days before your booking. After this time period, unfortunately we are unable to change the dates as postage would have been paid for and pre-arranged.

Cancelling the Booking

You are free to cancel up to 5 days prior to the booked dates for a full refund (Booking fee plus Deposit) Anytime period after this unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund on the booking fee, but you will receive your holding deposit back within 7 working days (depending on the method of payment this could be sooner)

Missed the Delivery/Collection

Should a client miss their delivery they should advise us that day so that we may check the tracking, location of the dress and reschedule for the next day. The client will not be entitled to a booking fee refund or extra days if the delivery was missed due to no answer at the location. Should the client miss the collection, they will have late fees deducted for each consecutive day. We advise he client contacts us the same day they missed the collection so that we may re-arrange immediately. Failure to return the dress within 5 days will result in the full 100% being deducted from the clients card.

The Stock Sample I received is slightly damaged

This is not uncommon - sample dresses are tried on over and over and this will lead to a couple of flaws sometimes. We document the flaws to the dresses prior to sending them out so dont worry, we will know that it was already there. Most issues are fixed by our seamstress but sometimes this is not possible. Just know, that the main thing is whether you love the dress on as a brand new one would be ordered for you, not the sample.

I have damaged the box and it cannot be used to return the dress

We advise in this scenerio, that the client seeks a replacement box as soon as possible.

I have used the service, but do not wish to order the dress. What now?

Not a Problem! Please return the dress using the collection service that has been booked for you, and notify us if you do not wish to make an order. We will then submit for the return of your holding deposit once the dress has been received back and checked by staff members.

How long in advance should I book?

You are welcome to book up to 3 months in advance.

What is the booking fee for?

The booking fee helps cover the cost of the packaging and postage. We have tried our absolute best to keep the fee as low as possible, so that are service is as inclusive as possible. Most fees are £45, some are higher due to the higher value product. The booking fee may increase depending on the outcome of our trial period.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

You will be sent a full Information Pack that includes everything you require including our full T&C's once you have submitted a request. No payments or confirmations are taken until you have read through and agreed to the full T&C's.

The Dresses

What is a stock sample?

The stock sample is the dress and the size we have of the dress for try-ons.

I love a dress, but it's not in my size...

We are so sorry we only have the dress in that size. If you are smaller than the stock sample (the dress sample is a size 14 and you are a size 8) we provide 2 pegs with our dresses so that you can pull the dress in to fit. This is usually what happens in a Bridal Shop as it is common for shops to only have 1 dress in 1 size. We do not recommend booking dresses that are too small, as this may lead to disappointment if the client cannot get it on. We do not offer refunds in the event the dress does not fit. To be sure, check the measurement guides attached.

Is the Stock Sample available in other colours or sizes?

Unfortunately not. You may order a new custom sized dress in your size and the colours available by that particular designer but we cannot provide that sample for you to try on.

I wish to try on one of your other Designers but they are not listed?

Due to exclusitivity we have with some of the Designers, we have been authorised to allow for this service. Due to stockists of the other Designers in our local area in other Bridal Shops, it is not possible to send dresses out. Please let us know if there is a particular Designer we have not listed and we can direct you to your nearest stockist for their dresses.

How do I find out the Price of the Dress?

Please pop us an email or chat - most shops are not authorised to advertise prices on the web but we can advise you via 1-1 contact. You are welcome to send us a list of the dresses you like and we can advise you, usually within 48hrs.

I would like to try one of the Designers Dresses you do not currently have?

Please feel free to email us - it maybe possible we can get hold of a sample for you to try.

I love the idea but what if I hate the dress on?

This is the risk, however, we have kept our booking fee as low as possible to make the process as affordable as possible. If you would like some advice before picking, please feel free to email us.

Can I keep the Sample if the dress cannot be ordered in time?

Possibly - A lot depends on which dress it is. Just pop us a message with a request and we can let you know.

Deposit & Fee's

How much holding deposit do I have to pay?

We require a 50% of the dresses RRP as a holding deposit to secure the booking. Please contact us for the price of the dress and we can confirm the deposit required.

How do I pay for the Booking?

Once we have received your request, we will send you a secure payment details for the total amount required.

When will I receive my deposit back?

Once we receive the dress and accessories back, we will put through a submission for your deposit to be sent to you. We allow up to 10 working days from the dress collection for your deposit to show up in your account, due to factoring in the dress being delivered back to us, for the dress to be checked for unneccesary damage, and to submit the return deposit (which may take up to 5 working days to clear depending on the bank - but it is usually sooner than this)


Will my Booking Fee be credited towards my order?

Yes! We will deduct the initial Booking Fee and the deposit you paid off the balance Example: Fee £45 Holding Deposit £450 Price Paid= £495 (Credited towards your order) Dress Price to Order £895 Remainder to Pay = £400

How soon do I have to place the Order?

You may order the dress whenever you like - there is no pressure! However, please note that prices are variable (especially the Special Offer Dresses) and may increase or go back to their original price. If you wish to order the dress you will be required to pay the current catalogue price.

Are there any additional costs I need to be made aware of?

The only additional cost is if you require your ordered dress to be posted to you once it arrives. We charge £25 for this service if you are unable to collect. You will recieve a free gown cover and hanger with your purchase. If you opt for any custom or rush order service, the price will be advised prior to payment.

How do I measure myself?

We will provide you with a measuring guide, size chart and tape - you will need to have someone to assist with the measurements. We require full custom measurements as the dress ordered will be made to measure for you. Double check all of your measurements before submitting them. We are here for your full support and will help assist you.

How long will it take for my dress to arrive?

The average ordering is 4-5 months, however if you require it sooner Rush Orders or immediate stock maybe available depending on the Designer and the model dress. Please feel free to contact us if you need to check.

Will I need alterations?

The dress ordered will be made to your custom size based upon the measurements you have submitted, so may not require any further alterations. However, it is worth noting that this is not guaranteed as your body shape has likely changed from the exact measurements you initially supplied due to the time lapse so may still require minor alterations.

Matching Items

If you would like a matching veil, please contact us and we will check if it is possible.

Once I place an Order, can I change my mind?

Ex- Sample/ In Store Stock (not custom made): You are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of receiving the dress. Please refer to our full terms & conditions once we recieve a booking request. Cancelling an Order: You have 14 days in which to cancel your dress order before we request the custom order from the Designer. You will recieve the full balance back minus the initial booking fee, which was a separate service. If 14 days has passed, unfortunately it is too late to cancel the order. The dress is custom made to the brides measurements and specifications for the client. Full Terms & Conditions regarding cancellation policy, refunds, shipping and faulty goods will be sent to the client prior to any order being made. Your staturory rights are applicable at all times. Custom Made Dresses: Once the 14 days of placing the order has passed, unfortunately you are unable to cancel or request a refund due to the order being custom-made specifically for the clients measurements and specifications.

How much do I have to pay to place an order?

For Dresses on Special Offer we require full payment on the initial order. For other dresses, we require 60% of the price upfront with 40% payable once the dress arrives. We maybe able to adjust payment terms and offer a plan depending on the price of the dress - please feel free to contact us about split payments.

How much are the extra custom charges for modifications?

Each Designer has varying costs for extra structural changes on the custom. Please contact us to advise the custom you would like and we will advise on price.

What is included in the custom?

The dress will be made specifically to the measurements provided by the client. Please ensure you have taken into account the heel height you intend to wear for the day. If in doubt, it's better to order slightly longer/larger in measurements and can be re-altered down by a local seamstress (they can reduce the length but not increase it)

Purchasing a Stock Sample

I have tried on the stock sample for sale, what is the process for purchasing it?

All stock samples for purchase require full payment. Once full payment has been received, you are entitled to 14 days in which to change your mind and send the dress back for a full refund. Please refer to our T&C's for cancellations, returns and faulty goods.

What condition are your stock samples in?

It varies depending on the dress. Please refer to the condition notes on the listing.

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