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No longer available for orders after 11th June (possibly sooner).

Our beloved BYRON GOWN by Lovers Society is being discontinued with near immediate effect. Any brides who have had their eye on Byron to try-on, please contact us to arrange an appointment ASAP to not miss out.

What does discontinued mean?

Every season Designers 'discontinue' certain dresses. This therefore means that brides will no longer be able to buy/order this dress from ANYWHERE (all bridal shops who stock this dress will also no longer have access to it) once that discontinuation date passes.

Why do they get discontinued?

Generally, it's not possible for Designers to keep building their portfolio of dresses, as at some point they would end up with hundreds/thousands of different products and styles, which is not feesable as a model. Also, sometimes the dresses maybe very popular, but the designers are no longer able to purchase the specific fabrics for that particular style, therefore they would also have to discontinue for that reason too.

What happens if I place an order for Byron this week?

We have been informed that they are accepting LAST ORDERS and can possibly take orders up until the 11th June pending on availability of fabric. All brides who place their orders in this timeframe and are accepted, will receive their gown as normal, at the standard time of 24 weeks.

To book - head over to our online booking page, or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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