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Girls… this is one exceptional event, and YOU are invited! And it’s here at EVB for 1 WEEK ONLY!

To celebrate the launch of Tigermoth, we have teamed up with Bethany, the Designer, to exclusively showcase the collection to EVB for the SOUTH WEST - You girlies will be some of the 1st Brides in the UK to try these stunners on.


When we first received news of this collection, our hearts skipped a beat. If you adore the modern Bohemianism & romantic rebellion of labels such as ‘Free People’ or perhaps ‘Anthropologie’ this could be your dream match.…


Bethany, Designer & Creator of TIGERMOTH is a UK based Designer. Her collection is an artful expression of her years of design experience and travels. I myself have family in San Francisco, and it’s one of my favourite places in the world, so learning that Bethany has spent time designing and living in San Fran I totally saw the connection with her free-spirited statement gowns. Bethany is also currently collaborating with Free People with her exquisite designer jackets (check them out 😍) We are super grateful to receive this collection!


We really wanted to treat you brides, and together we scrapped the conventional 10% off Trunk Show most Designers do, in order to really give you all a truly remarkable and memorable experience. See below:

The Jist:

  • Order ANY Tigermoth gown on the day of your appointment and receive £400 off! (Yes, £400… awesome, hun?!)

  • If you order a gown, you can also benefit from a further 40% off any Tigermoth add-on accessory (this could be one of theirs veils, a bag or both!)

  • If you SPECIFICALLY BOOK the Exclusive TIGERMOTH Appointment on our Booking Page, you will also qualify for a FREE LUXE APPOINTMENT (Up to 5 guests instead of 3, a bottle of Prosecco plus exclusive studio use for your appointment)

  • ALSO, you can use the ‘HOTEL SPECIAL’ offer, where if you order a gown with us at your appointment, we will also help by contributing between £120-£200 towards any hotel/accommodation cost you paid (perfect for brides who are travelling)

T&C’s- All offers are ONLY applicable if a gown is ordered on the day of your appointment. Accessory offer is only valid alongside a gown order from Tigermoth. Hotel Special is only valid on a dress being ordered from EVB on orders over £1500. The amount will vary between £120-£200 depending on the total order price placed - full details are on our ‘Special Offer’ Page. Proof of accommodation booking must be shown at the time of placing the order. The contribution we make will be deducted off your order deposit. This can not be redeemed once you have left your appointment. All offers may be withdrawn at any time without reason.


Delilah Gown

Melrose Gown

Starlight Gown

Bella Gown

Hera Gown

Luna Gown

Gigi Gown


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