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Untamed Heart Arrival - Lovers Society

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The latest 2022 collection from Lovers Society - New Zealand Designer Michelle has created an incredible variation, totally visually perfect for brides who have a love for exceptional lace details (but modern gals, zoom in and check out those deets!) but also super comfy. Your photographer will have a dream of a time capturing the beautiful contrasts of off-white and pearl lining - cool, modern yet romantic in Untamed Heart.

Sample Sizes and More?

We have the entire Untamed Heart Collection, sizes UK12-UK14 (quite generous in fitting). Also, not forgetting Add-On accessories including the matching veils and that awesome overskirt!


If you have fallen in love with a particular dress, make sure you don't miss out in the event it becomes discontinued. We recommend speaking to us to check before leaving it too long.

Also, order times for LS is currently 6 months.


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