What style suits me?

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Are you curious as to what will suit you? You may have heard from your friends that they ended up falling in love with a dress that they weren't quite expecting, and that is soooooo true!

Instagram/Pinterest and Google images is so much fun to get an idea on dresses and styles that you are drawn to, but once you try them on it's an open field.

If you want an idea on what 'generally' suits you , the things you may want to consider is your body shape and the type of fabrics you resonate with.

Body Shape can make or break a dress once you try it on - it's nothing to do with size, just the shape and proportions of your body in particular style dresses. You may have seen a huge influx of V-Neck dresses everywhere; that's because they suit so many shapes, whereas off-shoulder, spaghetti straps and strapless can be more particular.

The idea is trying to create an 'hourglass' shape using the dress as the foundation - creating a top V and a bottom A on the dress accordingly to your body shape will help to balance it out. For example, if you tend to be larger on the hips and smaller at the shoulders (triangular shape) and love the fitted looks, you may find off- shoulder/long sleeves/cap sleeves/detailed long necklines work beautifully on you, as it adds width and texture at the top, which helps to balance out the bottom. However, if you wore an Aline, you may find you don't need to balance out the top as much as you're not wearing fitted at the bottom. The opposite applies if you tend to be an inverted triangle (broader shoulders compared to hips) where too much going on at the top and long widths will only make you appear wider at the top... but again, opting for illusion meshes or wearing an Aline or could balance the look if you still wanted sleeves etc...

Height with body shape can also make a difference, if you are a petite girl, certainly the 'less is more' look tends to look beautiful, with delicate fabrics with little straps/strapless; this avoids the 'dress wearing you' look. If you a taller bride, play around with bold patterns and designs and heavier fabrics can look fabulous!

Of course, this is a total generalisation and a basic guideline on what suits shapes...but truly you never fully know until you try them on as there are other factors that play into finding your perfect dress! Just follow your heart - as long as you FEEL amazing in the dress and are super COMFORTABLE in it, you've nailed it!!!! xx