Sample Size in Stock UK10 

Condition: Fair - Good noticeable issue is one of the criss cross straps of the neckline has come off. It is advisable a seamstress takes the other criss cross off leaving a plain V Neck. This is an easy fix but does modify the look of the dress from the product image. There are a few crystals that need replacing.

Worth noting - the colour of this dress has a 'grey/silver' tone all over. It is well structured, and helps create a very sleek and flattering shape. 


Korsa is Perfect for Glam Weddings or even as an Evening Wedding Dress Change. She creates a real WOW factor!

RRP: £1,485 

Sample Price: £650

Saving: £835!


  • Dispatched within 7 Days
  • Cancelled Orders accepted within 14 days
  • Refunds Accepted within 14 days (Buyer to pay Return Insured & Tracked Postage)


Sizing: Avoid purchasing dresses that are too small for you as this will lead to disappointment, higher risk of product damage, and an unnecessary postage fee the customer is required to pay for a refund. 


If you opt to purchase a larger size, we advise to stay within 1-2 sizes up and double-check the alterations and modifications you wish for can be done by a qualified seamstress.


All Dresses require additional full alterations as they are 'Standard' Fit. 

We do not accept returns after 14 days irrespective of whether alterations, fixes and modifications can be achieved for your desired look. If you have any concerns, contact your seamstress for clarifications before the 14 day return policy ends.


Information regarding Samples:

Samples are sold in 'As Is' condition. They are used garments, therefore will likely not be 'Brand New' Condition.  Minor Flaws are not listed on each listing, only 'Major Flaws'


All Samples are deemed as 'Defective' due to being tried on, whether they have defects or not. Most dresses are in lovely condition with most issues 'unnoticeable' but it is to be expected they may have some minor flaws, consistent with being tried on, some including (and not limited to):

  • Loost threads/loose beads
  • Small marks on dress/dust marks on or under hemline
  • Missing beads
  •  Zip Replacements
  • Minor gaps that require a few stitches


Sample Sale Dresses do not qualify as 'Faulty Goods' as they are sold knowingly as faulty products with minor flaws at a discounted price. The price is reflective of that they are 'used' products, not 'brand new' and may require attention for fixes, modifications and cleaning by the customer. 

This does not affect your statutory rights of a 14 day Return Policy as per legislation, which you are entitled to should you not wish to keep the garment - Please refer to our Returns Policy for full details.


Major Defects 

Should the garment sent have 'Major Defects' that were not listed and do not reflect the value of the discounted product it may have been missed by a staff member prior to dispatch. The customer may request a refund under the 'Faulty Goods Policy' Here are examples of a major defect:

  • Very large and visible stain that will not come out with a dry clean
  • Large material (not seam) rips that would require a full replacement of the skirt or bodice
  • Large holes to illusions that would require a full refit
  • Write-Offs: Unfixable issues with a dress that is not worth the cost compared to the product value


For further details of your consumer rights, please refer to our Cancellation and Refunds Policy below



  • Please speak to your local seamstress regarding your alterations



Rara Avis Korsa

£1,485.00 Regular Price
£650.00Sale Price
  • Stock Samples/Ex-Display/In Stock Products are garments that have been previously tried on and therefore do not meet the standards of 'NEW'. It is important to note that stock samples will have minor flaws that may require fixing or cleaning. This is reflected and consistent in the reduced price of the product and may not be listed. 

    Minor Flaws: Not listed in the product decription. For further Information see bottom. 

    Major Defects: Should be listed in the product description, so that you are aware of faults that may require more extensive fixes. For further information, see bottom


    Sizing in Bridal is not always the same as the High Street. Wedding Dresses can usually be taken in by up to 2 sizes. Only purchase a stock sample that is your size or up 1 to 2 sizes larger. 

    What constitutes as minor fixes? These are minor imperfections that are easily fixable, replaceable by a seamstress or a dry-clean. It is the expected condition you may find when purchasing an ex-sample in store or at an outlet. 

    Stock samples may have flaws such as the following:

    • Loose threads

    • Missing beads

    • Dust marks under the dress and around the bottom

    • Minor make up marks

    • Small holes that are not generally noticeable 

    • Minor gaps in seams

    • Small marks

    • Damaged Zip that needs replacing

    • Small holes at the seams that may require a small restich

    Should you encounter the above flaws, you are still entitled to a refund within 14 days. You must contact us via email only (phone calls do not count) stating you wish to return the garment. For further information, please see our Return Policy. 

    Major Defects:

    Our interpretation of a major defect constitutes as the following:

    • A dress write-off

    • Badly soiled large marks on the outside of the dress

    • Severely ripped illusion tulle that is unfixable

    • Noticeable damaged bead work that requires a full relift and replacement of the appliques

    If there are major defects on the garment that we failed to state prior to the sale, please contact us via email along with images of the defect immediately upon discovering the fault(s). On return of the garment you will receive a full refund of the price paid. If we confirm that the defect is major, and we failed to notify the customer, Evolved Bridal shall also reimburse the cost of postage to the customer. All faulty dresses MUST be returned within 30 days of receiving the garment to qualify for a full refund.