Part of our efforts to offer more sustainable options  for brides who wish to sell their used EVB Wedding Dress. Commission fees apply. 


'At EVOLVED, we believe that wedding dresses have a much longer life span than one use; there is always a potential new home' 

We have teamed up with Bridal Designers Zavana, Zavana Couture, White April & Cizzy Bridal who have kindly allowed us to offer an in-house re-sell opportunity on their Brides used wedding dress and accessories in an effort to encourage and promote 2nd-hand usage. We hope this will increase awareness with other Designers & Bridal Shops to offer similar opportunities

OPTION 1 : List and sell your used wedding dress yourself via Still White and Evolved Bridal will cover the cost of the initial listing fee (send us your listing link and email confirmation of paid fee)

OPTION 2:  Evolved Bridal will act as an agent to your dress and try our best to re-sell your EVB gown in our shop and through our website (commission fees apply) On request of the bride we will donate 5% of our commission to your chosen Sustainability & Environmental Charity. 


By purchasing a Made To Order Dress through our Evolved Brand, we offer Brides the opportunity to re-sell their dress through our consignment programme after their wedding in the event they do not wish to keep it. 

We are offering a re-sell package during a TRIAL PERIOD only, to see how it works for us as a business. Our trial period will include all dresses purchased from our Zavana, Zavana Couture, White April & Cizzy collections from June 2020 to April 2021 *May be extended pending trial outcome. 

Consignment is the same process as an Agency- We display, advertise and aim to sell your dress on a commission basis. 

We feel that as a business, we are responsible to try and offer options that lead to more recyclable uses when the owner does not wish to keep it. If we can help obtain 2 uses for a wedding dress then that is great and really does make a difference. It can also make the day for a bride who cannot afford a brand new one. 


'It can be quite difficult for brides to re-sell their dress after their wedding because many potential brides need to try dresses on to know what they want/what suits them/what fits them- if we can help with this then that's great!' 


  • We accept dresses and accessories that were purchased as Made To Orders (part of EVB) up to 6 months after their Wedding Date from accepted Designers listed above. 

  • The Dress will need to be clean and in a very good to excellent condition.  

  • We will hold the dress for up to 6 months in our shop to sell.

  • The dress will be advertised for approx 50% off the Initial RRP (pending on the condition)

  • On a Sale, we will notify the owner of the dress and 50% of the sale price will be transferred once payment has cleared.  

  • Due to a long time lapse between the purchase of a dress to the re-sale phase and unknown condition of the dress after your wedding, we cannot guarantee our business can accept your dress. Please do not purchase a dress from Evolved purely on the basis that we will re-sell it for you- Buy it because you LOVE IT! 




  • Do I have to use the re-sell option? It's entirely your choice. It is an extra option for our brides who would like help to sell their dress. We hope this can assist with 2nd-hand usage on brand new gowns we have sold. 

  • Can you not sell it for more than 50% off? It becomes very hard to sell second hand dresses for more, as potential buyers are more likely to buy the brand new option, this is why we typically recommend 50% off. 

  • Why don't most Bridal Shops offer this? It's generally not seen as a viable option as 2nd hand is quite challenging to sell with much less financial benefit  towards their shops large overheads. It also potentially takes away from a sale of a brand new dress, which is what shops rely on to have a viable business. There is the issue of space that is being used up selling other peoples dresses rather than your own, and also the added work load of dealing with an agency style system and potential problems that can arise (upset owners as their dress didn't sell, or damage has been caused to the dress etc...) We choose to offer this service as our ethos is to be more consciously involved in assisting 2nd usage, therefore we aim to offer as many options as we can that could make a difference.  

  • What items can be sold via consignment? We accept Made To Order Evolved dresses and accessories including veils, headpieces, shoes and petticoats from collaborated Designers listed above. All items will need to be in a clean & sellable condition. 

  • Will you accept my dress I bought from another shop? Unfortunately not. It is not a feasible service for our business to offer once worn consignment for all dresses, we offer it as a way to take responsibility for our own sales and the carbon footprint we have created. We recommend that you contact the shop you purchased it from and see if they can help, or we have listed some recommended sites you can use (2 questions down). 


  • How long will you keep my dress for? Typically it's for up to 6 months. However, should you want your dress back prior to that we are more than happy to assist. If you wish for it to be posted back to you, you will need to arrange a courier collection. 

  • Why does EVB take a 50% commission? As a bridal shop, it really would be impossible to do it for any less. We are more than happy to offer our brides lots of guidance & advice if they wish to sell it by themselves and that is why we offer to pay the fee for a free listing on the largest International Site 'Still White' (we will not cover fees for other sites like Ebay) Pop us an email or pop into the shop after the wedding for lots of support and tips! The below sites are great starters for selling:

      www.stillwhite.co.uk, www.ebay.co.uk, www.preownedweddingdresses.com, www.gumtree.co.uk.   

  • Why do we need to request you to donate 5% to a charity rather than Evolved doing it automatically?This is purely due to controversy that surrounds certain charities over the years. As a business we would rather the bride 'choose' their own sustainability led charity for us to donate the commission towards, therefore we remain un-bias with no business alignment to any particular charity and it promotes fairness across the board. Plus, the money then goes to the Brides favourite one! As an option, a Bride could always directly donate their wedding dress to a charity of their choice where the charity would see the full benefits of their sale. 

  • Why do not all Designers allow this? We are in an industry of business, whereby all Designers and Shops need to make a profit in order to survive. It is risky for Designers to allow this as it potentially takes away a sale (a bride may opt for your 2nd hand dress rather than purchasing a brand new one) Therefore you can understand why it is not something you will typically see in most bridal shops. 

  • Can you guarantee you will sell my dress? We wish we could, but unfortunately we can't. Even if a potential bride loves the dress it then depends on the size & alterations on the dress, so it is harder to sell than a brand new or sample dress. However, all it takes is for that bride who is perfect for it. 

  • If you have my dress can I try and sell it online at the same time? Absolutely! We have no issue at all with this. We recommend you arrange to collect your dress should you have an interested purchaser- please do not send them in our direction if you do not want us to take a commission. 

  • What do you recommend that will help my dress to sell? The cleaner-the better (firstly). The sooner you place the dress into consignment will massively help, as the dress will more likely be a current season and still on trend. The longer you wait the more likely that style becomes less popular... this is one of the reasons we recommend within 6 months of the wedding date. The other factor is alterations- the less alterations the better but obviously, this can't be helped on many occasions. 

  • What happens if damage is caused to my dress? As it is on a shop floor, and will be tried on, it will likely pick up some wear and tear. We always do our absolute best to look after all dresses and to limit as much damage as possible. In the event of a natural disaster or crime, we offer an extra insurance payment plan for a fee that can be discussed with us in the shop.

  • What if you close or sell your shop before I have had the chance? We currently have no plans to close, however we only offer the re-sell consignment contract after your wedding when you physically bring the dress into the shop. We do not sign any agreements or contracts regarding the re-sell when you purchase the dress due to the time-lapse of 6-18 months before your dress would be ready for re-sell. This is to help protect the bride and the businesses rights. We advise that you do not purchase an Evolved dress purely on the basis of re-sell in the event we are no longer able to offer the re-sell package, which would sadly lead to disappointment.  

  • Is there anything else I need to know? We have a contract in the shop you will need to look through and be happy with before we will accept the dress. Otherwise, that is about it. Please feel free to contact us should you have any further questions x  


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