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Collab: @ohh_so_wild featuring Vera Wang Bride


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The Event: EVB and TIGERMOTH have collaborated on an exclusive debut event at out studio between 30th April to 6th May. The 22/23 New Collection of GOWNS & ACCESSORIES will be available for Brides Appointments between these dates before being shipped back to the designer. Be one of the 1st ever brides in the UK to wear Tigermoth and stand out from the crowd!

What's the Offer?: This is such an exciting offer for our brides - completely exclusive and super special! EVB are offering: 



  • FREE LUXE APPOINTMENT (Exclusive Studio Use, Up To 5 Guests and 1 Bottle of Prosecco)

  • HOTEL SPECIAL (Below) Also available to use in conjunction with the above offers. 

Exceptions to the offer:

1) All offers may only be used on the DATE OF YOUR APPOINTMENT. Any orders placed after your appointment will not be eligible. 2) 40% off an accessory is only applicable alongside a gown order. No accessory discount applies if a Tigermoth Gown is not purchased. 3) Luxe Appointment MUST be booked via the TIGERMOTH APPOINTMENT on the booking page. If a regular 1-1 appointment placed, or any other, you will not benefit from the extra 2 guests, the exclusive studio use nor the prosecco. 4) Hotel Special can be used on top of the existing discounts - please see the separate T&C's for this below.

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Green Bathroom


New for 2022

Available to: Anyone who purchases £1500+ on a brand new bridal order who has had to pay for local accommodation.

What is it?: Travelling a distance and opting to stay in a local hotel? If the bride places an order at the end of her appointment, EVB will help pay towards the cost of their accommodation fee's as below:

Hotel Cover £120 for dress order between £1500-£2200

Hotel Cover £150 for orders between £2201-£2700

Hotel Cover £200 for orders over £2701

Exceptions to the offer:

1) ONLY applies for brides who place an order at their appointment. EVB will not help towards any costs whatsoever if no order in the amount of £1500+ is placed with us at your appointment. We recommend that you check with us prior to booking if there is a specific dress you are travelling for to avoid any disappointment. 

2) Not available on sale dresses, outlet dresses, or dresses purchased off the peg. This is for MADE TO ORDER at full price only. 

3) No Cash reimbursement for brides who have not stayed in accommodation and cannot provide proof of their booking. This is specifically for brides who have had to travel and use accommodation to attend their appointment with us.  

Let's make your appointment easier!



Available to: Anyone who orders bridal wear from a Trunk Show Event - Saving £££'s off the RRP!

What is it?: Ever wondered what a Trunk Show is?

A trunk show is a large collection of gowns from a Designers LATEST COLLECTION that are being 'borrowed' by the bridal shop for a limited time only (usually 2-7 days)

Why come to a Trunk Show? It's such a fantastic opportunity to try-on gowns we do not usually have (so, a bigger CHOICE for your booking) plus receive 10% off! There is zero pressure, plus, you can try-on any of our dresses from other collections/designers at your appointment too (though they will not qualify for the discount). 

Exceptions to the offer:

1) Any Offer of 10% (or any plus add-on offers from that Designer) are only applicable if the bridal wear is ordered DURING the Trunk Show Dates. If the Bride chooses to order the bridal wear from that Designer after the end date of the event, they will be charged at full RRP. 

2) 10% off is valid for the TRUNK SHOW DESIGNER ONLY. If you attend a trunk show weekend, but order a dress from another Designer we have, that will not qualify for a discount.

3) Bride must be aware that we only have a Trunk Show SAMPLE during the event only - we may not have to retry at a later date. 

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